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Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is one of the most exciting experiences that you’ll have if you’re an avid fisherman.  This is because the size of this fish makes them fun to battle as you reel them in.  Bass can grow to over ten pounds and many fishermen consider it a challenge to bring home a trophy in […]

Canada Fly In Fishing Trip

On a beautiful fall morning in early September my father, my uncle and myself packed up our fishing gear in the Pathfinder and headed out on the road. It has been many years my Uncle and My Dad have been talking about doing a fishing trip, just the three of us, but for one reason […]

Canada Fly In Fishing Trip – Part 2

We stood on the dock for the next couple of minutes in amazment at what surounded us, miles of crystal clear water just waiting to be fished. So fish we did, we quickly ran up to our secluded cabin and threw down our bedding and gear, quickly grabbed a snack and went down to the […]

Canada Fly In Fishing Trip – Part 3

The next morning we awoke to a cool cabin, gey skies and a little drizzle, but it was pretty tough to get depressed about it, when you stop and look around and see and hear nothing but nature. It will bring a sense of peace and relaxation to you every time.That morning we quickly got […]

Canada Fly In Fishing Trip – Part 4

After another excellent night of shut eye, we a woke to pretty much the same weather as the morning before. No worry as we had a few hours before the plane had to come and pick us up so the wheater had some time to get better. Today we figured we would try to troll […]