Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is one of the most exciting experiences that you’ll have if you’re an avid fisherman.  This is because the size of this fish makes them fun to battle as you reel them in.  Bass can grow to over ten pounds and many fishermen consider it a challenge to bring home a trophy in recognition of their big catch.

The first thing that you have to know when it comes bass fishing is where to find this fish.  Most northern climates won’t have the big ten pound bass that you’re looking for since warmer waters are necessary for the bigger fish.  However, even the smaller bass is acceptable and just as fun to catch.  You’ll want to look for lakes that have a lot of weeds since bass like to lurk in the dark depths of the water to stay cool.

You’ll find bass in lakes year round but the big bass will be best found in the winter and spring.  If you don’t mind fishing in the colder months, this is the time for you to go and try your hand at bringing home the big one.  You’ll often find that the deeper the water is the bigger the fish.  Bass will move into the shallow water when it’s time to feed and then make their way back to the deeper waters.  You’ll also want to look for bass near bridges and dams, in creek channels, and anywhere where the shallow waters turn to deep.

Take your time when it comes to fishing for bass.  If you work your bait too fast you’ll end up loosing the fish.  One important thing to remember is that the larger the bass, the less further it will move to pursue its food.  Big bass like to find a place to float and stay there.  If you’re using worms for bait you’ll want to make sure that you get the worm as close to the bottom as you can.  The moment that you feel a tug you’ll want to let your line go slack and then set the hook since there will likely be a larger bass on the other end.  Smaller bass will attack the hook with a fast pull as they take the bait and run with it.

It’s best to fish for bass on your own since you won’t want anything or anyone to scare away the fish when he’s finally on your line.  If you’re fishing from a boat make sure that you fish in an area where there are few other boats nearby.  You’ll soon be on your way home with a bass that you can be proud of.

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