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Black Bear Hunting In Manitoba

Black Bear hunts, Canadian Moose, Caribou, Whitetail Deer, Wolf, Waterfowl, Goose and Duck, Fly-in Game fishing and other related outdoor adventures,  treks and expeditions await in Manitoba, The northern Territories and Alaska.

What do you envision as your perfect bear hunting experience? Envision the following:

  1. expansive virgin territory of Northern Canadian wilderness, untouched and unspoiled, remote and teeming with the promise of large,  trophy-size game.
  2. Supervised, guided, safe week-long hunts, over active baits,  mostly from the safety of a tree stand or a ground blind,
  3. state of the art lodge and/or cabins, with scenic views, fishing, sight-seeing, relaxation and satisfaction guaranteed.
  4. How about adding a couple of knowledgeable guides, local cuisine, licenses and permits, skinning, meat quartering and freezing all taken care of, so you can focus on the hunting activity and enjoyment of the hunt itself?!

When timing matters (and we know that it does!), it helps to know that to increase your odds of success, you need to understand the habits and patterns of the Black bears. They are typically most active in the  late afternoon until dark foraging, moving around looking for a tasty morsel or two or a drink of water.

Black bears are well dispersed in this area as their natural habitat stretches for miles and miles and they come in different shades of brown, cinnamon, and blonde  – you will be pleased to learn that they are all present in the area. Remote areas north of Winnipeg, some reachable only by float-plane, wheel, boat or foot,  are all viable options for you, with several outposts and specialist, custom hunting packages and permits available for every budget and fancy any big game hunter may have. Isolation, exceptional beauty, sizeable trophy-size animals and the experience of a lifetime,  can all be within your easy reach and budget. Bear hunting in Manitoba offers a diverse audience unique opportunity to accomplish something amazing, while bear hunting – maybe even learning a thing or two about themselves, the environment and the majestic creatures that inhabit and thrive in it,  that they did not know or forgot about!

Well-planned, high quality, satisfaction guaranteed,  (BOTH spring and fall) trophy black bears hunts in northern Manitoba, are highly recommended.  Remote even fly-in ONLY northern areas around Thompson and Gillam specifically, but also all other areas of Manitoba, Canada (East and Central) are all good spots, BUT choosing especially the extremely remote outposts,  will optimize the concentrations of big black bears and increase your odds of bagging your next black bear right here. Welcome to black bear country! Happy Hunting!

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