Bass Fishing

Fishing in the province of Manitoba comes with endless choices that include where to fish, what to fish for, and what time of year to fish.  There are over 100,000 lakes in Manitoba that are filled with all types of fish such as bass, trout, pike, and walleye.  The northern regions of Manitoba have a multitude of streams and rivers that are perfect for spending quiet hours fishing along the banks.  The wilderness of this province is well known around the world and is the prime destination for many adventure seekers everywhere.

Whether you’re new to the game sport of fishing, or have been fishing for many years, there is a place in Manitoba for you to catch the fish that you want.  You can venture out on your own or you can book a fishing package that comes complete with everything you need to have the perfect fishing vacation.  Packages can include: boat charters or rentals, fishing poles and bait, and an experienced tour guide.  You can choose from weekend packages or week long excursions.

One of the most popular areas to fish in Manitoba is the interlake region of the province that can be found close to Selkirk.  There are two great fishing locales here: the Red River and Netley Marsh.  In the Red River you’ll find an abundance of catfish and walleye while the Netley Marsh is famous for trout that can be found in the streams.

With so many great fishing places to be found in Manitoba you can be assured of fishing at any time of the year.  Don’t forget ice fishing in the middle of December if you’re looking for a relaxing winter vacation.

Fresh water fishing is a sport that more people are discovering to be both adventurous and relaxing.  Manitoba has the fishing areas that fishermen are looking for to expand their horizons in this well known sport.

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