Bass Fishing

Fishing in Ontario is great since there are a multitude of lakes, rivers, and streams where you can cast your line.  But Ontario isn’t the only place in Canada that has great fishing locations:  the province of Manitoba offers superior fishing that isn’t as expensive to experience as fishing in Ontario.

Manitoba is well known around the world for fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye, and lake Trout.  There are many freshwater locations for you to enjoy whether you’re new to the sport of fishing or a master fisherman.  No matter what your level of experience is there is a lake or waterway that has the type of fish that you want to catch.  You can venture out on your own and find a variety of campgrounds throughout the province where you can camp while you spend a few days fishing.  Or you can take one of the many guided outfield trips that are available from a variety of outdoor specialist companies.  There are many wilderness outpost camps in the northern part of Manitoba as well as in the southern part of the province.  For the real fishing enthusiast there is the option of fly-in fishing to a remote outpost camp. You’ll be able to experience fishing in areas of the province that are unreachable by vehicle.  And this means that you’ll be fishing without the distraction of too many people nearby.

In Manitoba you’ll find your ideal dream vacation for angling or a family vacation where you show your children what fishing is all about.  Of all the provinces in Canada, Manitoba is the least touched by civilization.  The many lakes and waterways of the province are virtually untouched and this means that the fishing is the best anywhere in the country.  No matter what type of fish that you’re interested in catching there will be a waterway in Manitoba for you to cast your line.

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