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Moose Hunting In Manitoba: Bagging The “Eater Of Twigs” Quality Bear And Moose Hunts : A Memorable Hunting Adventure.

Bow or rifle for moose hunting is big business these days and the choice sport for numerous outdoor big –game trophy hunting fanatics and enthusiasts,  both local and from around the globe.

Manitoba, Canada offers hunters the opportunity and promise of bagging majestic big-game. Permit-regulated moose hunting, animal like elk, deer and black bears, other wilderness and hunting, tracking and shooting skills activities, by boat, wheel, floatplane or foot in remote locations in the north are all popular choices. Large, trophy size moose in the 50-60” (even 66”) range are found here. In central Canada,  the Eastern moose (one of seven sub-species in the population) freely roam. Representative of the largest of the deer family, the moose relies on its keen sense of hearing and ability to cover almost any terrain to outwit and outsmart even the most savvy and skilled hunters. As most big game hunters know, their choice stomping grounds are swampy lakes where lots of young trees and vegetation are prevalent, although they can also be found amongst higher forested ground.

Some of the lodges that offer specialized, individualized and custom moose hunting, game fishing and other remote treks, hunting expeditions (mostly for moose and bear), are Northern Manitoba region specialist providers like Golden Eagle Lodge & Outposts, Big Sand Lake Lodge, Tawow Lodge,  Ace Wilderness Guiding and many others.

For choice GREAT BIG GAME HUNTING, there are many options for you to consider (depending on your preference, availability, weather, budget and a couple of other factors). They could include:

  1. A personal, up-close-and-personal One on One Hunt. Very hands-on preference of many where you as the lone hunter and one guide set out for 7 days on the quest to find one Bull Moose.
  2. A Two on One Hunt, with Double Tags which involves two hunters, (possibly you and a partner), hunting together with  two tags and two bulls in total. You and your hunting partner are guided for the duration of your 1-week hunting trip, but can shoot 2 Bulls.
  3. A new option includes a two on One with Single Tag,  where two hunters and one tag with one guide applies. Here you and your hunting partner hunt together BUT can only shoot ONE Bull.
  4. Very Remote Wilderness Moose Hunt Retreats and Tent Camps on Longly and Morand Lake.
  5. Bear and Moose combination hunts, fly-ins and custom hunting experiences in Northern Manitoba and Alaska are also good choices.

There are numerous quality, specialized and experienced hunting services providers for moose, and bear hunting in this part of the country. Outpost Camps close to the Chippewyan, Wolf and LeClair Lakes are accessible and popular choices for tourists and big game hunters looking for their next conquest and trophy. Manitoba sports one of the largest moose hunting territories in the known world, with sustainable, responsible environmentally friendly management practices, regulation and tactics in place to protect the species and natural beauty for the generations to come.

World-class moose hunting with experienced guides await the avid hunter wanting to raise performance, challenge and skill to the next level. This extreme sport will require recommended personal gear, including clothing and equipment, including  fire arms registration and other regulations. Having and selecting the suitable caliber rifle, knowing the moose’s preferred movement, roaming area, habits and cycles (mating season, antler shedding etc.), calling and/or glass and stalk methods, early mornings and evenings during the peak of the rut, mid-late September, can all better prepare you for what lies ahead and making a success of moose hunting in Manitoba. Here to planning to successfully landing your next BIG BULL!

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