Bass Fishing

When it comes to game fish, the Northern Pike is one of the easiest fish to catch.  It can also be the most rewarding fish to bring home since they can grow up to 15 pounds!  The Northern Pike will be interested in almost any lure that you put in its way.  Some of the most popular lures are yellow DareDevils, “red and silvers”, and Thundersticks.

Keep in mind that if you’re after one of the huge Northern Pike you’ll need to use suckers or chubs that are anywhere from 8 to 10 inches.  You can get your sucker or chub from a bait store you can look for your own in a shallow part of the river or stream.  All you need to do is use a worm to catch the chub and you’ll have the right bait on hand to catch the Northern Pike.

The Northern Pike likes to ambush its prey from behind rocks that are found at the river’s mouth or in areas of the lake that are narrow.  Take your boat slowly out to the chosen area and cast your bait.  Let the line out slow and surely so that you disturb the water too much.  And then you can sit back and wait for the Pike to find its bait.

The Northern Pike will often play with the bait that you have cast for it.  It may hit the bait a few times and not take it.  It will take a bit of patience, and a few hits, before the Pike has the bait in its mouth.  You’ll want to wait until the float of your line is under the water before you start to set the hook.

It’s the size of the Northern Pike that attracts so many fishermen.  There is no greater feeling for a fisherman than bringing home a 15 pound Pike that they have caught on their own.

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