Bass Fishing

Smallmouth bass fishing is a sport that is luring many fishermen to the waters.  The first thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is that small mouth bass aren’t anything like large mouth bass.  The small mouth comes complete with its own behaviors that you’ll have to understand if you want to be successful at catching this fish.  One of the biggest differences between the small mouth bass and the large mouth is that small mouth fish are usually found in shallower water but they will still like to have deep water nearby so that they can swim for cover at any time.  The small mouth bass likes to be behind large rocks and will dart out to feed before moving back into cover.

You’ll want to start fishing for small mouth bass when the water temperature is at least 45 degrees, sometime in the early spring.  Look for water that is six to twelve feet deep and where the bottom is composed of clay or gravel.  If you’re fishing from a boat you’ll want to make sure that you’re quiet in the boat since even the slightest disturbance on the bottom of the boat will scare off these fish.

When you’re casting your lure you’ll want to do a shallow cast and then pull the lure in slowly do the deeper water.  The slower that you move the more chance you have of attracting the attention of the small mouth bass.

As soon as the water temperature reaches over 50 degrees the small mouth bass will move into the river flats.  Look for areas where there is a lot of gravel and clay and the waters are deep.  You’ll want to fish this area as slow as you can while making sure that you don’t move too fast in the boat.  If the water is muddy after a rainfall you’ll find that it will be harder to catch the small mouth bass.  Clear water makes it easier for the fish to see the bait.

Spawning takes place when the water temperature is about 60 degrees.  The small mouth bass will spawn in bays that are protected, on flats of gravel, and on humps of clay.  Most waters where bass spawn will insist that you follow the catch and release method of fishing when the fish are spawning.

Although catching a small mouth bass can be a big challenge it is very rewarding.  This is one reason why many fishermen enjoy catching this fish since it takes some patience, timing, and knowledge of where and when to find the best fish.

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