Bass Fishing

Walleye fishing is fun and exciting.  Each spring fishermen who are serious about catching Walleye will flock to rivers and streams to see how they’ll fare that year.  The Walleye is one of the best freshwater fish available for eating.  They make a tasty meal after spending a day beside the rushing waters of a river or stream.

The best time to catch Walleye is when they are getting ready for spawning since they will be numerous in numbers.  You’ll want to use a jig to catch this type of fish and although it will be your fishing technique that counts in the end, the jig that you use will need careful consideration as well.  If you’re fishing in February or March you’ll find that you need a colorful jig to stand out in water that is dirty and muddy from the spring run-off.  When the water becomes clearer you may want to stick with a colorful jig since it will be easier seen in the darker depths of the water.

There are several different types of jigs that you can use when it comes to catching Walleye and choosing the right one is half the excitement.  A bullet tube is ideal since its angular shape is great for moving through the water.  You’ll want to use a weight that is about ¾ to 1 oz. so that the jig sinks and isn’t pulled into the strong currents of the river, especially those deeper currents.

You’ll find Walleye is almost any part of the river.  One of their favorite places is about twelve to twenty feet below the surface in the darker areas of the stream.  Another place to look for Walleye is on any shelves that are parallel to the river bank.  You might want to use a fish-finder but this can take away from the fun and excitement of waiting for the fish in the right place at the right time.

There may be times when catching a Walleye seems more trouble than it’s worth.  These fish can be elusive and require many hours of patience.  It’s important that you don’t give up and that you enjoy the experience.  With a bit of time you’ll have your first Walleye of the season biting at your lure.

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