Canada Fly In Fishing Trip – Part 4

After another excellent night of shut eye, we a woke to pretty much the same weather as the morning before. No worry as we had a few hours before the plane had to come and pick us up so the wheater had some time to get better. Today we figured we would try to troll along the banks of the lake and see if we could find out own hot spots.

It wasn’t long before the weather had cleared up and we had found a few of our own hot spots for walleye. In fact we found a spot were we literally had the fish jumping out of the water at our hooks. I had so much success with the walleye over the last couple of days that I figured I would switch over to a Red Devil spinner and go after the big Northern Pike, but to my surprise I had walleye chasing the hook right up to the boat and when I pulled the hook out of the water they would jump up and try to grab it. It was pretty amazing. After a while I would just dip my hook in the water and would wave it back and forth until I could see a walleye coming up to grab it and at the last second I would pull the hook from the water and watch as the walleye would come flying out of the water right for it. We had a blast that afternoon just, we each pulled in another 20 to 30 fish each. As the late afternoon approached, we headed back to the cabin and started to pack our gear in anticipation of the plane ride back.

We packed our gear, cleaned up the cabin and went down on the dock and waited for our ride home to arrive. After an hour or two our plane landed on the lake picked us up and flew us back to the head office in Lac Du Bonet.

We drove back home that evening with a belly full of walleye and memories that would last us a lifetime. We definitely plan on going back next summer!!

Thanks to the Jackson family for a great time!!

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