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Canada Fly In Fishing Trip

On a beautiful fall morning in early September my father, my uncle and myself packed up our fishing gear in the Pathfinder and headed out on the road. It has been many years my Uncle and My Dad have been talking about doing a fishing trip, just the three of us, but for one reason or another it never happened, while not until today anyhow. Today we were headed up north to Jacksons Lodge & Outposts, just outside Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, where we would be hopping on a plane equipped with pontoons and flying in to a remote location to do some incredible walleye fishing.

When we arrived at the water airport of Adventure Air we were greeted by Marlene Jackson and her husband Bob Jackson (owners) who assisted us with loading our equipment onto a cart for transportation to the plane. Bob and Marlene were great hosts, they loaded us up with great fishing hot spots and tips for the lake our outpost was situated on.

Our fishing gear was loaded onto the plane immediatley and we were asked to step aboard. Since this was my fathers birthday gift from me, my uncle and I decided that he would be the lucky one to fly in the front seat with the pilot Shaun Jackson (owner).

After taxing for a few minutes for the takeoff the engines roared into life and before I knew it our plane was gliding on the waters surface with a white wash spraying up behind us. Soon the plane lifted off the water and we were on our way, the first fishing trip together.

After about a 45 minute flight our pilot Shaun pointed to a lake below us and gave us the nod, he circled around the lake once and lined himself up for the landing. The plane came down like a dream and we touched down on the water without any resistance. By now my Dad, uncle and myself were so eager to get out on the water and start hauling in those walleye and northern pike.

The plane hit the dock and Shaun was quick to jump out and secure the plane to the dock. My dad, uncle and myself gave Shaun a hand unloading our fishing equipment from the plane and in no time we had the plane unloaded and were waving goodbye to our last communication to the outside world.

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